Performance Cockpit

Runway Occupancy Time

Squeeze out the last drop of runway capacity

With continuous monitoring of individual segments of the landing/take-off phases, a better understanding of runway capacity and system saturation points can be achieved.
Separations in time and distance on arrival/departure help to understand at which point these cannot be further decreased and the runway occupancy time becomes a critical factor for further capacity improvement.


  • Reach­ing your ROT targets
  • In­crease Run­way Ca­pac­i­ty and Throughput
  • Im­prove Run­way Line-up / Va­ca­tion Procedures
  • Com­ply with High In­ten­si­ty Run­way Op­er­a­tions (HIRO)
  • Pow­er of hav­ing ac­cess to all in­for­ma­tion that are af­fect­ing the tar­get values
  • Com­mu­ni­cate di­rect­ly in the tool with col­leagues and oth­er companies
  • Gen­er­ate progress reports


  • Au­to­mat­ed cal­cu­la­tion of Run­way Oc­cu­pan­cy Times (AROT, DROT) 
  • Ag­gre­ga­tion of av­er­age ROTs per Run­way for week­ly, month­ly and an­nu­al reports
  • Full root cause analysis
  • Set your in­di­vid­ual tar­get val­ues such as 50s for AROT
  • Sever­i­ty sta­tus for each move­ment based on ac­tu­al AROT vs. tar­get values
  • Fol­low along im­prove­ments and new achievements
  • Sim­ple and ef­fec­tive visualization 
  • Col­lab­o­ra­tive fea­tures for each event

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