Analytics is the heart of Aeroficial Intelligence's software solutions and modules for different applications of the aviation industry. Identify and evaluate operational events that influence the on-time performance, traffic flows, throughput or occupancy of runways, taxiways or gate positions. KPI dashboards provide customised reporting and insights as needed. With the filtering of data such as flight number, aircraft type, aircraft operator, registration or directly with pre-selected values like gate positions, runway directions, approach/ departure routes, specific insights are developed. This data can be presented as charts (line, bar, pie, scatter, candle), tables or GANTT.

Airside performance monitoring

Generating knowledge of aircraft's ground performance provides a powerful monitoring platform to observe congestions and developments.

Statistics on flight movements

Extract the flight information statistics that you need for your internal or external reporting requirements.

Runway and taxiway utilisation

Being aware of the number of flights using certain TWY and RWY as a basis for planning your infrastructure projects or anticipate maintenance plans.

Current wind information

Use wind information at and around airports in real-time to estimate RWY direction changes or anticipate more efficient approach trajectories.

Map Analytics

Map Analytics helps you to easily visualise flight and airside trajectories. With the wide range of filtering capabilities and KPIs, detours, go-arounds, delays or taxi performance can be quickly identified. The time filter option enables users to freely select a timeframe that will be visualised. Heatmaps is another important tool that even differentiates among stop types such as pushback, taxi, de-icing and holding point..

Flight profile

Evaluate quality of arrival/ descent profile and check CDA/CCO operations when implemented.


Generate powerful visualizations of your daily operations at a specific airport to identify approach congestions such as detours and holding patterns.

Taxi process

Analyze your taxi processes at the airport and identify possible safety issues as speeding on taxiways or high cornering speeds.

Infrastructure bottle neck identification

Identify ground infrastructure bottle necks as runway crossing waiting times, holding point times, queuing before take off or de-icing waiting times.

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