Wouldn't it be great to know a sector discruption or an upcoming delay before it actually happens? Aeroficial Intelligence means Artificial Intelligence for the Aviation Industry.  It is our mission to reduce delays and increase the on-time performance (OTP) for more efficient and advance planning and better situational awareness. Aeroficial strives to establish the most accurate predictions in the market from estimated landing times, taxi durations, ETAs as well as upcoming congestions. We use advanced machine learning methods and train our models based on a broad feature set, that we receive from our more than 70 different KPIs out of Analytics as well as external data sources. This makes our predictions leading-edge.

Estimated Landing Time (ELDT)

The predicted landing time estimates the touchdown of each aircraft at the destination airport. Use it to plan your ground staff more efficiently and pre-plan processes for the turnaround. 

Estimated In-Block Time (EIBT)

Know the flights that will be arriving at a certain gate position beforehand to steer the ground handling procedures right in time.

Estimated Taxi-out Times (EXOT)

Know already during flight dispatching or before engine start-up your expected taxi-out duration considering bottlenecks on the ground, current traffic situation and patterns from past schedules. 

Estimated Taxi-In Times  (EXIT)

At top of descent a pilot already knows the expected taxi-in duration, making the gate arrival more predictable. 

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