Airside Improvement Report

The Airside Improvement Report provides Airlines, Air Navigation Service Providers and Airports with a 3-6 months long assessment of airside processes, in which bottlenecks, congestions and delays shall be identified and guidance for improvement compiled. The result of the analysis will be computed within our proprietary system (“Performance Cockpit”) customized on all analyzed/ optimizable scenarios at the airport. The analysis results computed within the “Performance Cockpit” are embedded in a final report on possible improvement scenarios and guidance material. Aeroficial provides on-site workshops and will work closely together with the client.

Enhance RWY Capacity and Throughput
  • Determination of runway occupancy times and root cause analysis
  • Analysis of touchdown zone, breaking times and distances of different aircraft/ operators
  • Influence of vacation exits and speeds on taxi times and capacity
Identify Congestions & Bottlenecks
  • Create awareness where and when bottlenecks influence the airside operations
  • Check how queues and waiting times develop during taxi processes
  • Generate knowledge what traffic situation lead to longer taxi times
Drive Operations Performance
  • Analysis of stand utilisation, push-back times and routing scenarios
  • Track De-Icing Procedures (number, time, throughput, performance)
  • Know your overall saving potential
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